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I would like to travel the world with you twice. Once, to see the world
Twice, to see the way you see the world.
- Words Unspoken (via perfect)

July 29th · 22:55 pm
You’d lose your mind trying to understand mine
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July 29th · 22:53 pm
I think I’ve always been half out of my shell and half in. Sometimes I can be extremely wild and sometimes I can be extremely shy. It just depends on the person I’m with.
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July 29th · 22:53 pm

I wish my 16 or 17 year old daughter would try & walk out the house like this she would never see outside again


when you keep starting your sentence over and over again because no one is paying attention to you


July 28th · 8:02 am


I wonder if anyone ever looks at me while I’m doing something and thinks I’m pretty. Because I do that all the time to people. 

July 28th · 8:01 am